Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New Year, New Area, New Pics

Sorry it has taken so long to update the last several letters from Elder Latimer. Here they are along with new pictures!

January 1, 2017

Hey [Everyone],
I did get transferred (sadly, Kumpawapi was awesome) I don't know too much about the area yet, but the church is a lot bigger. (For reference, you could fit 5 Kumpawapi churches in it)! I do have a lot of cool stuff to do in Bangkok though, but I'll wait to send those back as pictures in a couple of weeks once I get them done (I can't go right now because my comp lost his work visa) 

It's a lot better in Bangkok (from a language standpoint) in that people here speak a lot clearer, and it's easier to talk with the members (since there are a lot more of them). I was in a rut before because I could only understand a few people from Kumpawapi, but now I understand most everyone in Bangkok which is awesome!

It's sad to hear that the Huskies lost, but hey, there's always next year!

I hope Josh and Lettie are doing great, and tell me how the music tour (in Nashville) goes!

In Thailand, they celebrate the Christian and Buddhist New Year, and they usually have huge parties going on late at night so the missionaries had to be in residence at 8:00 pm.

It's awesome that Nana has turned 80! She is now 4x older than me! I'll be sure to write her! Sorry if I didn't right much in this email, but the one that I sent mom addresses most of the subjects you wrote me, so hopefully that helps! 

Happy New Years!

- Elder Latimer

January 8, 2016

Hey All,

Everything is going well in my new area! The pace has gone up a little bit, mainly because there is more to do here. But we still don't really have investigators. We have some new recent converts though, which is nice.

My companion is Elder Whitaker. I think he's been out for about 6 transfers.

The wedding reception sounds like a lot of fun, it's crazy to hear how many people getting married right now.

(NCAA) Football [Hall of Fame] sounds like a lot of fun, but I'd be interested to visit the MLK museum at some point. I heard about Collin Decker’s area when I was in the main offices in Asoke. I think he's in Surine, which has a ton of elephants everywhere. It sounds like an awesome area to serve in!

I hope everything goes well with Josh and Lettie!

Tell Jace to get better, and I hope you continue to stay healthy!

Best of luck

- Elder Latimer

January 15, 2017

Hey [Everyone],

Don't worry about writing a little later, Usually I'm not on till 9, but today My district is leaving to go visit an ancient city, which is a long whiles away so I had to get up a little earlier than usual. 

Glad to hear that things are getting back to normal at home, but it is sad that all the fun has come to an end, and I'm glad to hear that Jace is doing better. 

Glad to hear that you are putting in work to get healthier! And I'm especially glad to hear that you've already seen some results! I hope it keeps up.

I've seen some of the crazy things happening in America from reading the Thai Newspapers at our local food vendor places. One thing I hate about American news is that everyone gets upset over everything, and usually that will make the new headlines, even though it's not exactly relevant news. 
Hope I'll have some interesting stories to tell you and mom next week.

I want to send pics, but I don't have an SD card yet. I wrote mom to have her send me one.
Wish you the best,

- Elder Latimer

January 22, 2017

Hey [All]!

Things are going pretty well this week. Right now I don't have everything planned for P-day, which kind of sucks, but I'm hoping to travel down to the bigger city in Asoke to buy some more suit/tie fabrics and get a few suits cut so that I could pick them up next transfer. Our zone is actually the last one to get visited, so you may have to wait until the first of February to see pics, but the good news is we have Zone Conferences every transfer now, so you'll get new ones every month!

Last P-Day we actually went to the ancient city of Ayuhtaya (check for spelling, I don't know how to spell it in romanized...) and it was super cool. I actually was able to borrow a card reader today, so I'll have tons of pictures to send! The area was super cool, and definitely a place I would want to take the family if we ever came back here to vacation. They had tons of cool ruins, and even a place to ride an elephant/get pictures with a tiger (unfortunately I didn't do either, it's a bit of a touristy place so it was super expensive). But there were tons of amazing things to see.

It's great to see that Noelle is still a lasting thing! I was afraid it was only going to be going on for a few months! It seems like a lot of fun!

Escape rooms are a ton of fun! I have never been in one, but I've heard of them from a few people and it sounds like a blast! And I do believe that I know Warren Fitch from the play. Tell him I said Hi!

That's great to hear that Jace will most likely be getting better soon, wish him luck from me!

Be sure to tell me how your visit with Lettie goes! I'm glad to hear that her and Josh are still going strong! Be sure to tell me when they get engaged, I already promised Josh that I would buy him a suit if he got married while I was away!

I heard about Trump, I'm kind of sad that I'm going to be away to miss all the headlines over the next 2 years, but ah well. It'll be fun to see how this plays out!

Thanks for all the extra money, and thanks a ton for the package that your sending over!

As for stories, I've found out how to tie a monk robe, so I have pictures of that being sent over. I have also started a fun game in which, I see how long my Comp can keep up a conversation with himself without me talking. so there's that

I'll try to think of some other stories as I email but until then,

See you later

- Elder Latimer

January 30, 2017

Hey Everyone:

I read mom's email and it looked like your week in Boise was a lot of fun! I'm glad to hear that Lettie and Josh are getting along really well. Mom sent me the picture of you with the cow (I couldn't view the video though for whatever reason). It looked like a ton of fun, and a bit of a hassle! I saw the pictures from the snow festival as well, and it looks like a great event to go to.

The work is still going slow despite being in Bangkok, mostly because my comp and I are about an hour away from the church and the other missionaries. So everyone we talk to either ends up learning from them, or going over to learn at the other church in Minburi, so we still do a ton of inviting. 

Conversationally, I'm doing great at the language, I pretty much have tones down, but I still have to work on my pronunciation to make my speech clearer. In lessons however, I still have a bit of trouble. I haven't had too much opportunity to teach lessons yet since we had no investigators in Kumpawapi, and here in Bankabi as well. But recently I had the opportunity to go on a switch of with the District Leader here, and he gave me the chance to touch on each point in our lessons that day, so I got to get a feel for what I needed to improve on!

Zone conference just passed by (which why I'm emailing on a Tuesday). It was great and I learned a lot! I wrote mom about some of the stuff that happened this week! It was great to write to you. Hope you and Mom had a safe flight back home, and talk to you next week!


- Elder Latimer 

February 5, 2017

Hey Everyone!

Sorry I don't have much to respond, but I sent an email to Mom that goes over a bit! 
It's crazy to think that the super bowl is going down right now on a Monday morning here in Thailand.

I hope Physical Therapy goes well for you! I had some neck problems at the beginning of my mission and it was the worst! So hopefully you don't have to go through that much longer!

We still don't have many investigators, but that is mainly because we are located in a bit of a weird area. We're about an hour away from the other Elders and Sisters in Bangkapi, so most of the people we contact end up learning with them, or they'll end up learning in a different area. We've already given away 4 investigators who have gotten baptized! It's great that they got baptized, but a bummer because we still have to contact a ton to pick up new investigators! My areas pretty cool in that we are close to a lot of the big attractions in Bangkok (by close I mean we'd be able to go there for a p-day), which means we could do some pretty cool stuff. I'm still trying to get the elders here to go with me to the Crocodile farm, to get some cool pictures shot. 

Sorry that's about all I can write at the moment, but I wish you the best!

Talk to you next week

- Elder Latimer

Last week, my district and I had the pleasure to visit a few museums. They were both super cool. One of them had a lot of treasures from the royal family on display (Golden thrones, boats, jewelry, amazing silk stitched art pieces, etc.) The building in which it was held was beautiful as well. The inside was designed to look like the cathedrals, and basilicas found in Italy. It was amazing to go see, but unfortunately, cameras were no  allowed, so I couldn't take a lot of pictures, but it is a place to definitely go visit if I come back to visit Thailand! It's called Anatasira Palace and art of Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall, so hopefully you can look it up online and find some pictures!
Coincidentally enough, I am getting suits cut today, for P-Day! Which reminds me tell Josh to get himself measured! If he can get those send over to me, I can get him a tuxedo cut here and send it over before the wedding! But that's great to hear that everything is going great with him and Lettie! It's sad that I'm not going to be there to see it, but I'll be there in spirit!

February 12, 2017

Hey [All], 

We did have transfers last week and me and Elder Whitaker are still in Bangkapi. I believe that the zone we are in is the Bangkok East zone. 

Haha. That's funny to hear about the lake platform! Hopefully it wasn't too much of a hassle to deal with! And Mom told me about Best of the NW, it sounded like a ton of fun! It sounded like it had some good talks as well. 

Skiing sounds like a blast! I'd love to go back once I return from my mission. It'd be a nice contrast in terms of weather and recreational activities! Tell Josh and Jake I said hi!

For the first time since I've come to Bangkapi, we finally have regular investigators (Three at the moment). First we have Brother Doi (or Joy, he goes by both), and he has been an investigator for about a 2 months now. He is actually an employee of one of the members in our ward, and while he was a bit reluctant at first, he's finally accepted a baptismal date for the 27th. Our next investigator is Sister Noon, who has been an investigator for about 4 transfers. She's really nice and really loves learning with the missionaries, but the only problem she has right now is that she still lives with her boyfriend. But other than that, she is amazing! Our last investigator is a Cab driver named Gan. We ran across his number randomly while slimming down our phones contacts (we used to have around 500, but now we're down to about 90), and so we called him up, and his was super interested in learning the gospel. We've taught him about three times, and he seems excited each time we meet with him. He's super good and will probably end up getting baptized this transfer!

That's great to hear about Josh! Wish him the best for me!

It was great to email you! Hope you continue to do well!


- Elder Latimer

PS. and as for a missionary story, last night all the new missionaries in our area (We had transfers a few days ago, and three missionaries from other areas came in to Bangkapi) went to go eat dinner with พ่อแม a couple who commonly has the missionaries for dinner. The food they make is amazing, and they're also really good with coming up with ideas for P-day with the missionaries. Today they're taking us to China town in Asoke, which has tons of fabrics from all over the world (I'll probably buy another suits worth) as well as a whole bunch of cool counterfeit stuff which is always fun to pass by. After that, we're going to an older village with some kind of famous puppet show, which is supposed to be really cool, so I'll update you on that!

February 19, 2017

Hey All!

Things are definitely either flying by, or dragging on haha! It is awesome to serve in Thailand though. There's always something to do which is great! And we as of now, we have three people preparing for baptism! All three of them were scheduled for the 26th but only one of them is able to at the time (one failed the interview, and the other one has some mental problems) but the other two are still committed to baptism, so we still have that to look forward too!

That's great to hear about Josh and Lettie! Wish them the best for me! I know I probably won't be able to attend the wedding, but it's great to hear that it's going to happen!

Mom told me about your ski trip last week (I think you did as well) and it sounds like a ton of fun for everyone! I'd love to go sometime when I get back! And Mexico also sounds like a ton of fun (especially since Jake can now speak the language). I'm excited to see how it turns out! Have you and Mom decided whether or not you are coming to Thailand to pick me up, or whether I'd be flying home? It'd be a ton of fun to plan a mini vacation up here, even if it's just for a week. I've been slowly keeping note of all the fun tourist activities that could be done here!

I heard about the new house renovations and it sounds really nice (and expensive)! I have not had the privilege to serve around Collin yet, but I have seen his picture on the wall of missionaries in the mission office. Last I checked (Friday during interviews with President Johnson) he is currently serving in Sagonakhan, which is the place in Thailand where everyone eats dog, cat, bugs etc. So I'm sure he has a ton of awesome experiences ahead of him! And from what I've heard from the group below me, he's super good at speaking Thai, so I can't wait to see where he's at when I finally see him!

Thanks to You and Mom for sending out that care package! I can't wait! 

It was great talking to you! I've sent pictures to Mom already with the pictures I took at the Crocodile far last P-day! 

Miss you lots

- Elder Latimer

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