Thursday, September 1, 2016

More Letters from the MTC!

August 23, 2016

Hey Everyone:

Not much is going on in the MTC right now, but our class has recently started learning how to read Thai script, which is a hard, but fun experience. From what I've heard, I should be able to write and read it fluently at the end of my language, which is great. Unfortunately there is not a lot to tell about my district and companion, they're both kind of boring right now. They regard traditions as "a form of secret combinations" which I think is kind of a stupid thought.

I saw moms email about encampment, and it seems like it was a lot of fun! It kind of sucks that it wasn't planned better though.

The weather’s hot here too, but I haven't noticed it all that much since I spend about 10-11 hours in class each day, though I know it will hit me once I get to Thailand.

It's crazy to think that everyone will be back in school soon! It doesn't seem like summer has been all that long. 

I've heard about the unrest in Thailand, but we won't have to worry about working in the south since the majority of the population is Muslim, and there has been some reported extremist activity recently. We may have to worry about a civil war if the King there dies. From what I've heard, the King himself is a great guy, but everyone is gunning for power.

Hopefully I'll have more to email you next week!


- Elder Latimer

August 30, 2016

Hey Everyone:

MTC learning is going great, things have plateaued a little bit, but it's starting to pick up again, I've been able to start teaching "investigators" with just a small index card with 4 or 5 vocab words written on it! We've had I think two devotionals with general authorities from the area 70, but I can't remember their names (sorry) but we are supposed to have another one coming today, so I'll try and remember his/hers.

I still don't know too much about my companion aside from the fact that he grew up in Logan Utah, and he likes camping and hiking. He kind of gets on my nerves when we're planning to teach our investigator because he doesn't like to prepare for lessons, but insists that we should simply teach by the spirit, which is all well and good, but I keep telling him that we need to do some sort of prep work, especially since we don't know the vocabulary for half the lessons until we review for that lesson.

It's great to hear that the weather up there is great! The weather here averages around mid 80's to low 90's. I've been trying to get into running, but me and my companion have to both agree on what we want to do, so I really just agree to do what he wants since he doesn't want to run.

That's exciting to hear about both Jonathan and Josh, wish them luck for me!

Good on you for helping out the missionaries. I haven't seen too many missionaries going to Everett yet, but I've seen about one or two.

I did get your guy's package! Thanks a lot! It's nice to have something to eat back at residence! I wish I had more to talk about, but things at the MTC are a bit slow right now! Hopefully, I'll have something next week!

Until then, all the best

- Elder Latimer

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