Monday, October 3, 2016

Last weeks of the MTC and off to Thailand!

September 6, 2016

Hey All:

Great to hear from you!

It was kind of mucky hear too. It's been getting a lot colder in the mornings, which I hate, but the afternoons are still somewhat warm which is great. That's great to hear about Jake, he told me he had wanted to do that in his last email!

I heard about the game between BYU and Arizona, not only from my teachers, but also from the stadium while we were outside in the MTC! (it was really loud) we had a devotional speaker he used to play for BYU and the Eagles (Chad Lewis) tell us about it also!

I will try and send you and mom pictures once I get out of the laundry room, since these ones don't have usb ports or SD ports.

Language study is going great, I can now teach my "investigators" with nothing more than a note card, with a few vocab words and a rough overview of what we are going to say on it. My tones aren't even close to being good yet, and I still have a lot of vocab that I need to memorize, but it's still nice to be able to talk in somewhat coherent sentences in Thai!

All the best, 

- Elder Latimer

September 13, 2016

Hey All, 

I think I am scheduled to leave the MTC sometime around October 5th or 3rd, so I think I have just a little over 3 weeks left! I feel like I've been here for a long time, it's hard to look back, since most of the days kind of blend together here. I never realized how important new experiences were to making memories till I entered the MTC.

The language is going pretty well here, and I feel like I am learning a lot. I'm still working with re-learning all of the words I've learned with tones, as well as some of the new ones. I've also started to be able to learn the written language, which is cool, but since there are no spaces in the written language, it's hard to see where one word ends and another begins, which is also problematic because I don't know a lot of the words that are written! But if I've noticed anything from my teachers, I should be able to read and write in Thai script fluently by the time my mission is over which is cool!

That's exciting to hear that everyone is heading back to school, wish them luck from me!
The lily pad sounds awesome, hopefully it will still be there when we get back

I did get my packages, and thanks! I love the new ties that I got, and I've been meaning to get a water bottle for some time, but put it off because the ones over here are way expensive! Thanks also for the packages of food, It's really great to have something to eat once I get back from class.

Have fun in Whistler it sounds like a blast (aside from the work related stuff) and talk to you again in a week!


- Elder Latimer

September 20, 2016

Hey Dad: 

Great to hear from you! Mom sent me the photos of the Family in their pirate outfits, it sounds very fun!

Whistler sounds great! I'm glad that there was a lot up there for you to do!

I can't wait for conference week just because it'll be nice to take a break from class, plus I get to watch conference twice (once in America and another time translated in Thailand) so that will be great! Hopefully the lake does stay warm for a little while longer, it has been a great summer for it!

That's exciting to hear about Josh and Lettie, and Jordan and Jessica (I think that's her name) hopefully everything goes great for both of them.

That's sad to hear about Tyler, but hopefully once he goes back to school he'll be able to hang out with a lot more people!

The day of service sounds great and fun, and I'll be sure to call you once I get some time to on layovers! Unfortunately I don't have any cool experiences to share yet, since the MTC is kind of boring, but once I get to Thailand, I'll be sure to have a lot!

Great talking to you, I'll be sure to keep sending letters!

All the best

- Elder Latimer

September 27, 2016

Hey Dad,

Every thing is going well in the MTC right now! It'll be nice to have a break from Friday and Saturday classes, but I'll probably studying a little during it, just to help prepare me for Thailand!

It's good to hear that you're able to have fun during family night, and it's even better to hear that you're still having nice weather. The skies are still blue in Utah now, but it's getting a lot colder!

I do have my travel plans, but not on me right now, I'll be sure to take a picture and send them to you once I'm in the nice computer lab (I'm doing laundry right now) I might just get a prepaid phone so that I don't have to deal with payphones

I wish that I could be there to see the debates, they sound really fun to listen to! and I can't wait until I get back to see what you and Mom do with the lake house!

I did get you're your email from the blog post! I'm super excited to go. My teacher showed us some pictures that he took with various exotic animals so I'm super excited for that on P-Day, and plus we get to ride elephants, so I'm stoked!

I'm excited for my travel package, I hope it helps as well. I have a total of 16 hours of flight, so I'm sure I'll get bored pretty quick! Which reminds me, could you add like 100-200 dollars onto my debit card so that I could my 2 other bags that I need to check. I saw on my travel plans that it's about $75-$100 per extra bag and I have three!

It's great to hear about Jake and Josh, I hope they're still doing great by the time I get back!

Hope everything is going great at home, and I'll be sure to send some great photo's as soon as I land in Thailand!


- Elder Latimer

Hey Mom,

Every thing is going great! I just got the Thai Bible, and it is super cool! It will be so useful especially in the field! I have had so many scriptures I've wanted to share with my investigators here, but couldn't because I didn't have a bible in Thai! So thanks to you and Dad for that! Those pillows sound great, and I am sure that I will use them a ton on the flights there! I can't wait till conference as well! I love learning Thai, but it will be nice to have a 2 day break before I depart where I can just collect my thoughts and listen to conference!

I have just a few requests before I head out. One is for a prepaid phone, so that I won't have to worry about using the payphones on the airport before I leave, the second, is to just have you and dad put some money on my card so I can pay the fee for extra baggage for my flights and the last is just a racquetball. I know it sounds silly, but It helps me think to just toss something around. Other than that, every thing should be pretty good! I'm excited for Thailand, one of my teachers showed us some cool stuff that he got to do, (pictures with elephants, tigers, etc.) so I'm stoked to send home some of those!

That's cool to hear about the primary program, It's sad that it's the last of ours, but it had to end sometime right?

That's great to hear about Josh and Lettie! I hope everything goes well for the both of them! If Josh wants a really nice suit, just send me his measurements, apparently in Thailand, you can get a professionally tailored suit (one that would cost $1000-$2000 in the U.S) made custom for about $200 american dollars! I know that I'm going to do that for p-day before I leave Thailand! 

Tell Tyler that I'm going to try and meet him at BYU Provo as soon as I get back! I'm not too big a fan of Idaho, and from what I've heard, Provo is a lot better!

I can't wait till Thailand as well! From what I've heard the people are amazing, and the church is super ecstatic about new missionaries (it's Thailands 50th anniversary of missionary work). Apparently after church, they have cook outs in the parking lot, where everyone gets to know each other, and they do that every Sunday, so that sounds awesome! I can't wait till I have some cool stories for you!

Hope all is going well and I wish you and the family the best


- Elder Latimer

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